Hello! I’m Lisa, the calligrapher behind greylily calligraphy & design! Thank you for stopping by, I am SO excited to meet you!!  I will never forget the day my mother gave me my first fountain pen as a ten-year-old. It sparked an interest that stayed with me throughout my life. I’ve had a love for writing for as long as I can remember, and was always fascinated with how beautifully my grandmother wrote.


As I got older, I realized the older generations had been taught penmanship- based on a form of calligraphy…My interest in writing never waned, nor my love of the arts. I took several art classes in high school and college, but went in the direction of science in college, & graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology. After graduation and starting a family, my interest in calligraphy re-awakened. I began researching the foundations of writing itself, then the history of calligraphy (meaning “beautiful writing”), and that led me take courses in calligraphy. My contemporary hand is derived from the courses I took from calligraphy.org which were offered by Melissa Esplin, as well as courses offered on Creativebug by Maybelle  Stukuls, and many other calligrapher’s offerings via online course work HERE as well as self-taught book education.


I take pride in being a self-made creative. I take education very seriously, and have spent many years researching the business practices for the art in which I love and choose to instill my energy and passion into. It is based in the traditional hand of copperplate calligraphy, and is honed from the modern calligraphy of today, as well as a bit from the hands of past masters. I pour over the masters beautiful historical exemplars from the past, and interpret them for how we use calligraphy today in my work as well. I continue to research, study, learn, and practice this beautiful art form while raising my two most precious gifts; my children; Grey and Lily, in our beautiful mountains of east – Tennessee. I want to instill in them what it is to pursue their dreams, to never forget the true love of what is in their hearts…  

Neglect not the gift that is in thee…  1 Timothy 4:14 


With a deep love of history and the foundations of elegant writing, my fonts are rooted in the historical foundations of Copperplate calligraphy. This pointed pen “writing” is much loved for its elegance and universal appeal as a beautiful hand. As a member of Letter Writers Alliance and IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman and Teachers of Handwriting), I am committed to the continued preservation and education of this beautiful art form.